Visual Arts

From 2009-2014 I regularly published features and reviews for Artvoices Magazine.   The magazine has done a crap job at archiving, but here’s a few .pdf files, including my features on Spike Lee , Swoon New Orleans theatre company ArtSpot Productions  and performance artist Avery Lawrence.

Hyperallergic published this interview with Prospect.3 curator Franklin Sirmans.

A review I wrote for Jana Napoli’s Floodwall for Louisiana Cultural Vistas.

Here’s an article from PelicanBomb on “How to Hang a Show in New Orleans.”

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From 1999-2001 I was as a video producer and writer for where I operated as a one-man studio, interviewing dozens of music and film celebs on camera, video editing those segments and publishing them on Rolling Stone’s website. Like much of our digital culture, Rolling Stone has sinfully lost/failed to archive my interviews with Sinead O’Connor, Tori Amos, LL Cool J, Henry Rollins, and many many others. Most of the still-existing pieces are archived on artist sites.

Here’s a .pdf of my interview with Lou Reed.

Here’s an often re-published article I did on Public Enemy side-project Confrontation Camp.

Here’s a video segment on David Sylvian 


After Rolling Stone I wrote a series of features and cover stories for Drumhead Magazine. Stories included Godsmack, Cindy Blackman, Allan Holdsworth and Chad Wackerman. Here’s a piece of my cover story on Steely Dan’s Keith Carlock.